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Ideas fusion - Warren Philbey - Business Consulting
Unique Ideas, design thinking, Idea creation, brainstorming, workshops
Business Transformation, start-ups, scale-ups, funding rounds
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I'm Warren Philbey and I offer consulting services for short and medium term projects, from start-ups to turn-arounds.


I love solving problems and bringing solutions to the table. I'll help you take an idea and turn it in to a business. I'll improve productivity, efficiency and anything else to increase market penetration, leadership skills, team commitment, achieve growth and bring bigger profits.


I've created and worked in many different environments, in several countries, with a wide range of people.


Over the years I've specialised in start-ups, from the first drafts of an idea and then signing contracts with big multi-nationals. I thrive on challenges and love results. 

Whatever your business need, drop me a line and let's have a chat to see how I can help.

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Warren Philbey, Business Consultant, strategic thinking, start-ups, scale ups, marketing, POC, MVP
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Team building, bringing out the skills of individuals, creating teams

How IF Can
Help You

Idea Workshops / Brainstorming


Brand design and transformation

Building POC's and MVP's

Product/service development


Funding rounds

Team building & motivation

Management (even in volatile situations)
Strategic partnerships; complex negotiations, investors & PR

So many times I've heard people say "If I could..." Well, YOU CAN! Changes in life can start with just a simple 'if' - that's where I can help! Whether you're wanting to create a new life or make changes in an existing business, you need to fully understand the choices and to take action.  I have worked my way through every level of an engineering company, started and run my own businesses, worked with, built relationships, negotiated and closed deals with large international corporations. I have led funding rounds with private investment banks, individuals and crowdfunding. I have had to deal with all of the problems, all of the lows and all of the highs… wearing every cap imaginable. I get on very well with everyone, I see and get people of every background, education and culture. I know how to get the very best form people at every level, to get them invested, motivated and happy, even in volatile situations. I love challenges, I am surgical how I cut through ambiguity and chaos to see what is essential, focus on what is important and then get things done. All of this with a joyful personality, empathy and an extremely high moral and ethical code. Why not set up a no-obligation call to explore how I can help you or your business.

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Companies I work with and recommend


Consulting for short and medium term projects from start-ups to improving productivity, efficiency and anything else that increases your profits and gives your company a competive advantage. 

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