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Success in life and business is like climbing a mountian, we do it one step at a time
Warren Philbey - Strategic thinking - Marketing & Sales - Problem solving - Solution finding - Start-ups - Scale-ups - Consulting - Turn-arounds - Funding rounds – MVP - POC


I have a varied history of work experience that combined with my personality, character and life skills make me perfectly suited to jump in and help companies in numerous ways. I have created and grown numerous companies, wearing many caps to be whatever it takes to get things done, from early stage/start-ups, to fund-raising and closing contracts with large global companies. I've always rolled my sleeves up and got stuck in at every level, to fully understand and learn everything needed to get the very best results.


I trained as an electrical engineer with Smiths Industries, specialising in the R&D of igniters, thermocouples (semiconductors) and instrumentation in the aerospace industry. I realised at an early age that my real passion was creating businesses and igniting the desire in others to be the best they can be. I built my own companies in London before moving to Europe. I have travelled extensively and lived/worked in Spain, France, Italy and Switzerland.


Having lived in several countries, I know and understand the mindset of people across many sectors and cultures. I have great people skills, I am very personable, able to help, inspire, generate confidence and earn trust. I am experienced at building strong relationships, identifying opportunities and getting results.


I excel at finding imaginative solutions to problems and improving business models. Creative marketing and finding new ways to increase sales are a passion for me.


I like to be involved in companies that do not settle for what is or what they already have, but to make them a game-changer, to shape the industry and create new opportunities.

I bring with me not only my skills and experience, but my integrity, faultless values and morals, all wrapped up in a happy, go-getter energy filled bundle to get results and do something amazing.

What I can do...

I have a talent for driving growth by identifying new and un-tapped opportunities. I see how to disrupt existing business models by the identification and implementation of creative ideas and innovation, by leveraging consumer and market insights, competitors, technology and just some whacky radical thinking!

Leveraging research and continual horizon scanning, I develop new, cross-category and emerging opportunities. It’s not a skill, I just get a sense of where things will go!

I am curious with a blue ocean/open field mentality, finding ways forward even amongst ambiguity. I’m comfortable operating in less structured environments and creating new business models and teams, having a collaborative mindset with excellent influencing and team building skills.

Key Skills:

  • Start-Ups / Scale-Ups - General management of SME’s with extensive experience in developing, implementing and executing ideas and business plans.

  • Business Development – Full cycle - physical products and digital.

  • Strategic planning & execution.

  • Problem identification and solving.

  • Innovation / New product development.

  • Project management / Stake Holder management.

  • Communication / Relationships / Conflict Resolution.

  • Marketing and sales strategies.

  • Opening, negotiating and maintaining commercial relationships.

  • Motivating / Influencing / Focusing /Mindset.

  • Ability to Work Under Pressure

  • Decision Making

  • Time Management

  • Self-motivation

  • Leadership

  • Adaptability

I'm always looking for new and exciting projects and companies to help, so for an informal chat, feel free to get in touch.

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